Pix4d Certified

We are certified in the industry leading photogrammetry software.

Drones enable you to capture large areas quicker, easier and cheaper than conventional means. This opens up myriad opportunities to measure, assess and monitor from the air for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. 

Examples include measuring areas of roofs, fields or plots, accurately plotting distances quickly and easily and calculating stockpile and cut and fill volumes.

This is all done via drone photogrammetry combined with a software based solution on the ground, we process the data in a timely and professional manner and provide you with relevant, easy to digest reports of the results.

We use Pix4d or Drone Deploy depending on the use case.



Mapping with drones enables us to quickly measure lengths, areas and volumes to a high degree of accuracy. The time efficiencies gained from this are returned to you in cost savings overall. 

The material management process can be streamlined through the use of cut and fill volume reports and ongoing stockpile management reports.

In addition to this we can incorporate inspection reports into our workflow as well as site perimeter monitoring 

Relative versus absolute accuracy

If you require high levels of absolute accuracy in your mapping we can incorporate ground control points into our workflow. This is usually only required if you need to pinpoint your site relative to the rest of the world around it. 

For many projects a high degree of relative accuracy is sufficient, this simply means that the measurements we project in our mapping software have been verified through the use of scale constraints on the ground at the flight stage of the process.

Facilities management

Inspecting with drones is a cost effective way of staying up to speed with damage and defects in the external areas of your buildings. If you also want accurate recording and measurement of assets we can deploy our drones to map buildings in 3D or 2D, giving accurate representations for ongoing monitoring and reporting.


Drones enable quick and easily measurements of fill and cut volumes as well as distance measurements for planning landscape designs. It is also possible to assess plant health and utilise machine learning algorithms to count trees/plants. 

This process is usually far quicker and easier than the alternatives from the ground and therefore you can leverage cost savings to maximise profit or offer more competitive pricing. 


Assessing plant health is key to ensuring a healthy crop. Talk to us about solutions, from simple RGB plant health assessment to multispectral imaging, helping you manage crops, soil, fertilisation and irrigation more effectively.

Why Choose Us?

Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority

OFQUAL Level 4 Drone Training Qualification

Public liability insurance specific to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)