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Survey, Inspection, and Mapping

Our highly analytical, logical, and detail-oriented left brain allows us to offer services that are useful to construction companies, civil engineers, facilities managers, and land surveyors. 

These processes involve wielding a camera, both on the ground and attached to a drone but this isn’t about capturing pretty pictures, it’s about usable, definable data.

 What sets us apart is the attention to detail in the planning, data capture, and processing as well as an insatiable quest to further our knowledge and understanding of the things that matter to you most.

We don’t just want to collect information, we want to turn the information inside out and upside down so that we can shake out all the little gremlins, ensuring we deliver the cleanest, most efficient data to you.

Creative Filming and Photography

Our right brain is strong. We see the beauty in the world around us and love nothing better than to capture it. We’re always snapping photos and filming, whether with a drone, camera, or videography rig on the ground.

Our left brain feeds into our creative imagination, straightening things up and making them happen when, and how they need to.

When we’re engaged by a client we like to understand what makes them tick, and more importantly what makes their customers tick. 

We aim to captivate, educate, and engage an audience and know the importance of a budget and return on investment.


About Heliexpert

Experienced and reliable drone and ground camera operators.

We believe in word of mouth and repeat business. This means we do the job right first time and exceed your expectations. Communication is key but we appreciate that your time is precious, so we won’t unnecessarily take up too much of it!

We have a wealth of experience not just in creating engaging video and photography but also in the technical aspect of inspecting and mapping with drones. We have an eye for a great picture and stunning cinematic video shot, but also have a base of knowledge that lends itself well to operating within the construction and property industry, especially in drone site surveys and drone roof and building inspections.

We work to your spec and guidelines but will also be on-hand to put creative ideas across to improve efficiency and add impact.

We’re based in Tetbury, Gloucestershire but travel all over the country providing drone inspection, survey, mapping and photography services.

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Operational Authorisation from the UK Civil Aviation Authority to carry out commercial drone flights.

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We aim to delight. If you're not happy with our service we offer a 100% money back guarentee


Our output is excellent. Whether photography, video, inspection or drone mapping.

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